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Branding, communication strategy, website, social media, digital marketing  | 2019 - 2020

Revival's biggest branding challenge was to communicate sustainability not as a style, but as a business background. So we set a fun and direct tone of voice to a high class public, without downsizing the product value perception.

REVIVAL Home desktop quadrada.jpg

The brand aims to sell clothing using only biodegradable material and exclusive tailored pieces, with a fair trade process, evoking conscient behaviour. 

We summarize the brand's value proposition on: "Easy fashion for a better tomorrow".  
The communication had 3 solid pillars: being upbeat and direct in form, relevant in content and provocative to a conscient behaviour. We emphasized real beauty, with young and classy layouts and easy and delightful lifestyle.  

After delivering the branding package we also spent several months as communication partners to strategyze and deliver all kinds of materials: social media strategy and posts, new collections branding, website, app, displays for events, packaging and so on.

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