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Volts Branding

Branding Project  | 2017

Volts is a high performance coaching firm for candidates applying for public positions or highly competitive jobs.
With a sharp methodology and a lot of experience in the area of ​​public applications, they offer a personalized service with a specific study schedule considering the profile of the student and position in question.

For this project, we created a name that resonates power and performance, brings energy and vibration, is easy to write and pronounce.
In order to compose the visual and brand identity, we created a positioning that differs from the coaching market that focuses on the figure of the coach: we emphasized the desired performance increasing result.


We created a direct, close and friendly language, and a stimulating look that already delivers the promise of the brand long before the clients start their studies.


The biggest challenge for Volts branding was to redefine the business value proposition. We investigated the pain of potential clients and how the study process takes place until success. We observed that the common coaching look, with strong legal appeal or emphasis on the figure of the teacher, did not truly meet what students were looking in a coach: maximum performance in studies.

The whole visual and pieces proposal were developed with this idea of ​​enhancing performance: colors, name, visual and use of images.
The performance bar, present in the logo and in the marketing pieces, summarizes the positioning of the company: it indicates progress, promise of maximum performance and success.

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