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We are a compact innovation studio with 10+ years of experience in simplifying complex information, creating meaningful communication and strategic business ideas.

We deal with UX and UI, interfaces, branding, communication strategies, graphic design and marketing.


We collect, organize, extract and simplify complex amount of data for editorial needs.

(see more Data Viz projects)


- Datascrapping

- Big data extraction

- Tableau visualization projects

- Infographics

- Maps

- Charts


Meet the team.

Martina and Guilherme have been working together for more than 10 years, with the help of incredible professionals that team up on demand.

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Guilherme works as editor on a local newspaper, leading informational and design projects with his team for the newsroom. With specialization on Big Data and Business Inteligence, he conducts his teams with an agile mindset, hands on profile and focused on improving process and methods. He participates on projects whenever there are complex informational systems or UX and technology related issues.


When not working he likes listening to his vinyl records and relaxing on a hammock.

Guilherme R. Storck

Data & Processes Director / Partner


Martina made her way mixing an accurate eye for design with a curious mind on the business field, with a bachelor on Graphic Design and a MBA on marketing. She is full time on OFICINALEVE since 2012 and have been collecting design tools and directing projects that create better business, products and communication.

When not working she likes to spend time with family, friends and DIY for decoration. She also studied some violin, fighted muay-thai and adventured herself on day trade at the brazilian stock market. 

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Martina Seefeld

Creative Director / Partner

On demand consultants:

Kátia Bembratti

Investigative journalist and teacher

*Esso Journalism Award Winner - 2010

Eliel Cezar

Developer and WP consultant

Rodrigo Forbeck

Content specialist, screenwriter and copywriter

*Cannes Lion winner - best script for Confetti movie

Fabiano Oliveira



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+55 (41) 99685 1115

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